The Strategic Question That Involves The Medical Player

The player, in the role of doctor, is a card in the sleeve for any strategy, after all, is the only one that can cure incapacitation wounds. So it is so important – it gives the opportunity not to lose soldiers in the middle of a competition.

In some modes of Airsoft, there is no such role to be exercised, as in the case of Deathwatch, where the “death” of a soldier is what counts. But it is of extreme importance in several types, as in the case of SAR.

How does the medical player act?

As quoted, the medical player is responsible for the function of treating the “wounded” soldiers. For this, it is used of Airsoft Medical Teambandages – that must be in the IFAK of the wounded own. This is the Individual First Aid Kit, or Personal First Aid Kit, one of the standard acronyms in Airsoft.

Also, this team member carries his weapons and can play freely, just like any other player, of course following the strategy of the team.

The bandages used to recover the targeted soldier also have useful gameplay, as it is applied well above the joint of the member that has been hit. In addition to serving as a sign that the soldier can resume his duties, it impedes the movements of the paralyzed limb – simulating a wound and making everything closer to the real.

Bandages are individual and cannot, under any circumstances, be used by another soldier other than the original owner, which may lead to disqualification of those involved. The medical player cannot heal himself under any circumstances. But this is not a “big” problem because any other team member can bail you out.

Critical injury cases cannot be cured, and will only be flagged so that they can leave the match.

Why has one on the team?

With such power, medical players can heal the team member by getting him back into the game quickly. Thus, your team will not suffer because they are in less number, or some strategy involved will not be annulled.

How many doctors can you have on each team?

The amount varies according to the organization’s definition of the event, usually from one to three physicians per team.

The basic rules that every medical player should know

For the various modalities, there are the following rules in the standard that must be mastered by the medical player:

  • To participate, the player must be over 18;
  • In the Safe Zone, the weapon must be locked appropriately. It is the place to rest and an interval between departures;
  • Have honor and ethics – the shots are not necessarily seen, and therefore it is easy to disguise that it has not been hit. A medical player must be aware of this point;
  • Head and trunk shots are critical injuries and result in “death” of the player, but this varies depending on the mode;
  • The use of goggles is mandatory;
  • For each specialty, there are specific rules about ammunition and other items of the genre.

This is a very interesting game made to mimic a war zone but in a completely safe and fun way! Why not spend the afternoon with your friends hiding and looking for the enemy to show?

It will be just as rewarding as when you were a child. Imagine being that G.I. Joe – fearless, brave and with no mercy. You will be able to feel the energy raising and the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Search for the next target, hunt him down and get him out of the game – be the man of the day!

It goes without saying that it will be the best time you’ll ever have! It is an ideal way to wind down after a busy week and tons of stress. Use the complete equipment in order to avoid any possible injury. Keep in mind that you must play fair.

Give your teammates a chance to enjoy the game too. Before you start playing, make sure you get to know all the rules and the terrain. All you need to do is to keep your mind open and prepare to enjoy the time. Let all the fun start! It will be the time to remember – one real adventure.

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