The Importance Of Orange Tip On Airsoft

Airsoft Guns are allowed in Brazil, but what regulates and regulates its use is the orange tip. This is the detail that differentiates Airsoft guns from firearms.

The orange or red color is essential because it is durable and comfortable to identify visually, making differentiation easier. There are countries where the whole weapon needs to be colored.

In this ordinance, everything is well detailed, as what activities will be controlled, which equipment can be imported, sold, registered, transported, used and marked.

Also, when they are on gas, they need the CR (Certificate of Registration) to be acquired. The CR is only valid for 24 months and is not renewed automatically.

After that, we already know that you cannot remove the orange tip! At the time this is done, your equipment becomes illegal and of forbidden use!

Maintaining the paint on the tip of your equipment is necessary and needs to be done regularly, do not forget, it’s your responsibility!

Airsoft GearsEven when working with plastic ball ammunition, it’s hard to tell the difference between an Airsoft and a firearm. It was thinking of this that this orange visible mark was invented; so that anyone can, when it hits the eye, realize that it is not a firearm.
Following the Brazilian legislation, specifically, the 002-Color Ordinance of, which refers to the regulation of disarmament status, Airsoft weapons are included in the category “Pressure Guns,” the same type of Paintball Guns.
The inspection is divided into the types of Airsoft. Pressure guns with Spring are in category 3. Their manufacture, import, export, and use are monitored. None of these equipment enters Brazil without the authorization of the Army and the Federal Revenue. Types of Airsoft Guns Pressure guns with compressed gas, on the other hand, have an even more strict control, since the inspection involves the import, acquisition, use, release, manufacture, and export.In general, the models released are those with a diameter of 6mm or less. More significant than that, it’s restricted use.
Airsoft: The Importance Of The Medical Player For The Continuity Of The Mission
Many wish to live the highest adventures, which is why Airsoft has been gaining so much space among adrenaline junkies. And anyone who thinks it’s just a teenage joke is very wrong because this sports modality reaches all ages.
What counts in this game is the strategy, as if it were a real battle, and for that, it is essential to know what skills are needed for the mission. In all of them, a medical player may be necessary to ensure victory.

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