Team Members Who Are Treated During The Airsoft Match

The medical player must also be attentive to the various members of the team and the specialty of each one. After all, in an Airsoft match, each participant chooses a “role” to follow, which are the types of players, each possessing specific characteristics. Here is a practical summary of each:

Infantry or Workman

Airsoft team membersHe is the typical soldier and possesses the skills that every player must possess in Airsoft. Fighting anywhere, and usually in strategy, is what paves the way for other team members. Also, they conquer territory and keep the perimeter security for the mission to succeed. Because of this, they are often stricken and need a lot of attention from the medical player.

Sniper or Sniper

Ideal for stealthy strategies, the sniper is the long-range shooter. It is also useful for surveillance of the enemy field without having to risk an attack or that someone is seen. He can enter from 1 to 5 minutes before the start of the match, to find a strategic place. However, the battle between the snipers before the start of the game is not forbidden, so this action should be planned with caution.

The medical player needs to be in place quickly in case he needs to watch this member, as he is a critical player in Airsoft’s strategy.


This is the only one that will have specific assignments for handling, handling and handling of pyrotechnic material, detonation devices, foam projectile launchers and the like. Before departure information will be given on what can be done or not, especially for those who fulfill this role.

Technical Specialist

Similar to the Engineer, the Technical Specialist is the one that has specific attributions for the use of maps, rulers, compasses, among others, that is, all the material that will guide the team. It is also the task of this member to help the Engineer solve some problem, as well as to decode messages. It is especially crucial in addition to setting up a strategic route and tactical plans.

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