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Guide On How To Choose The Right Body Armor

Body armors come in different sizes as well as different levels of protection. It can be very challenging and confusing, to say the least, to find concise and clear information about the right body armors. Whether you are looking at furnishing your security details with body armor, or you just want to buy your first body armor, a guide to choosing the right body armor is always very body armor 2016

Before buying body armors, there are certain things that you need to put into consideration in order to ensure that you buy the best body armors that suit your individual requirement. Below is a useful guide that will help you choose the right body armor for yourself or that of your security details:

Determine the Possible Threats you are Likely to Encounter

When choosing body armors, it is essential that you consider whether you are more likely to face ballistic (bullet) threats. Is it possible that you will come across people having sharp weapons, and therefore you may need spike or stab resistant protection?

Always know that bullet prove or ballistic vest may not be a spike or stab resistance and vice versa. The threat level is also an important aspect that you need to keep into account to ensure that the body armor you buy provide the right level of protection you deserve.

Determine How Your Body Armor Will be Worn

Do you need to wear your body armor under your clothes or you want to wear them on top of your clothes? Do you need armors with pockets or do you want them fastened? These are some of the most important questions you will need to ask yourself before buying body armors. You also need to consider if your body armors will be highly visible or waterproof.

Know the Type of Armors for Both Genders

Gender is an important aspect of body armors that you need to know. Women will not necessarily wear the same body armor as men and vice versa. This is because most body armors are made while putting into account the gender of the user. It would, therefore, be wrong if you acquire a body armor meant for men to women and vice versa. There is always a better and safer option for both genders.

Keep Your Height in Mind

While looking for body armors, it is essential that you mind your height. A body armor should properly fit your height or other wearers you intend to buy body armors. They should not be too long or too short. To ensure a proper fit, your body armor should reach your navel. A body armor such as a vest that is too long can make it difficult to perform certain tasks such as sitting, reaching something, or bending. Check on the size chat available before buying your body armor.


It is not necessary to order for body armors that offer high levels of protection. This is because they are much heavier and more cumbersome compared to body armors that offer low levels of protection and as such can make you or the wearer become uncomfortable and remove it. Comfort is paramount especially if you are going to wear your armor on a regular basis. Therefore order a body armor that will provide you with the comfort you need.

Once you have gone through this guide, you can now buy the body armor that you deem fit for your needs. Your safety should be your first priority, so decide on the best body armor.

Team Members Who Are Treated During The Airsoft Match

The medical player must also be attentive to the various members of the team and the specialty of each one. After all, in an Airsoft match, each participant chooses a “role” to follow, which are the types of players, each possessing specific characteristics. Here is a practical summary of each:

Infantry or Workman

Airsoft team membersHe is the typical soldier and possesses the skills that every player must possess in Airsoft. Fighting anywhere, and usually in strategy, is what paves the way for other team members. Also, they conquer territory and keep the perimeter security for the mission to succeed. Because of this, they are often stricken and need a lot of attention from the medical player.

Sniper or Sniper

Ideal for stealthy strategies, the sniper is the long-range shooter. It is also useful for surveillance of the enemy field without having to risk an attack or that someone is seen. He can enter from 1 to 5 minutes before the start of the match, to find a strategic place. However, the battle between the snipers before the start of the game is not forbidden, so this action should be planned with caution.

The medical player needs to be in place quickly in case he needs to watch this member, as he is a critical player in Airsoft’s strategy.


This is the only one that will have specific assignments for handling, handling and handling of pyrotechnic material, detonation devices, foam projectile launchers and the like. Before departure information will be given on what can be done or not, especially for those who fulfill this role.

Technical Specialist

Similar to the Engineer, the Technical Specialist is the one that has specific attributions for the use of maps, rulers, compasses, among others, that is, all the material that will guide the team. It is also the task of this member to help the Engineer solve some problem, as well as to decode messages. It is especially crucial in addition to setting up a strategic route and tactical plans.…